16 September

2009 Equipment Preparations

by Jim Taylor

My broadhead target is little more ragged and the bulk of my gear is packed as I move into the final day of preparation for my 2009 Colorado Elk bowhunt.

Here in Fort Smith we have been deluged with constant rain over the last week. It has hampered my shooting practice as well as  my scheduled  2.7 mile runs around Shadow lake in my futile preparation for the peaks and canyons of Colorado.

After packing my truck tonight I will depart Fort Smith at 5 am tomorrow morning for the 19 hour trip to the Uncompahgre National Forest.    Ohio bowhunting partners Mike, Tim and  Wade are going to rendezvous with me around noon on Friday. Intentions are to set up camp Friday afternoon and hit the canyons with bow in hand at day break Saturday.

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