03 December

Dec 3 Whitetails

White River NWR Dec 3, 2004
Story by Jim Taylor, Arkansas Bowhunter

White River 2004- A watered down White River NWR bowhunt December 3,

One buck that  still makes me prideful  is a  public lands whitetail from the river bottoms of  South Arkansas.    

I was hunting in the North Unit of the White River National Wildlife refuge on a crisp cold December  morning.  December 3, 2004.    At about 10:30 am I heard this big brute as he sloshed through some water along a muddy trail that I was hunting.    He was approaching right to left and was on course to pass 20 yards in front of me.  At about 40 yards he changes course and starts to walk straight away from me.   My heart sinks as I watch this trophy as he strolls  out of my life.     Wait ... he stops.. he begins to feast on acorns at the base of a grand daddy  size  Nutall Oak tree about at about 20 yards off the  trial making him 45 to 50 yards away from my position.  Too far for this bowhunter to shoot.    With me watching nervously while hoping and praying for some kind of luck he turns back to the trail.    His rack is heavy and a dark chestnut in color.   He sports a tall rack of 9 points. As this guy meanders  closer and closer, I cant help but picture in my mind that I've already loaded this guy up and proudly showing him off to my hunting buddies.  

   He continues his confident  pace.  I come to full draw when he is directly  in front of me at  25 yards from the base of my 18" overcup tree that hold my Summit climber.  I force my to not look a the rack and focus on the point of aim and and let the arrow go.