26 November

Pearson's Z-Force

The buck made his presence known on the afternoon of November 19 at 5:15pm  as he came in grunting at a group of does. After three trips to Kansas this year I was relieved when he presented himself  broadside at twenty yards.  With three alert does giving me the "you're busted stare" as I drew my bow,  I was still able to deliver the Magnus broadhead to the 10 ring. The buck was mine.

Jim's 2009 Equipment: Bow: Ben Pearson Z-34 with R2B2 Cams- 29"@60lbs.;   Arrows: Carbon Express;  Rest: Whisker Biscuit; Broadhead: Magnus Stinger 4-blade 100grain. 

The next morning,  my hunting buddy Bruce Jameson made an unbelievable shot on a true Kansas monster.  Bruce, who owns "The Outdoor Indoors" in Pittsburg, Kansas, a Ben Pearson Archery retailer  and award winning taxidermy service,  used a  Pearson Z-34 with R2B2 cams.

Pearson helped us deliver two perfect shots on two unique Kansas whitetails.  Both deer were estimated at over  200lbs field dressed. Let me tell you Kansas deer are big in every sense of the word!

The Power of Z-Force at work!

Story by Jim Taylor