05 October

Rising Tides Wildlife Refuge

Opening weekend of the 2009 bow season on White River NWR. We were basically rained on for three days straight.

Note Escronges lake level and distance behind my camper in the photos above on October 3rd.

As the river rose and the rain poured, two days later we have water under our camper and floating our ice chest away in the photos taken October 5th shown below.

Rain seems to be the theme to this years hunting season. I found out there is only so much time I can spend cooped up in a 27' camper. I think we can safely rule me out for participation in the NASA Space Station.

With the rain still falling we managed to slog our way out of the bottoms to spend one of the days salivating over the latest hunting gear while visiting MACK's Prairie Wings Sporting Goods fall festival in Stuttgart. In the rain of course.

Story by Jim Taylor