11 October

Three Year Elk Odessy

Finally... After three trips in as many years out west, two to Idaho and one to Colorado the ol Arkansas Bowhunter managed to find the alignment of the stars in perfect order while on the side of a dark canyon September 26, 2008 at 2:57pm. After six days of trekking up and down Colorado canyons and with the wear on my feet becoming more noticeable as the week progressed I finally found myself within 30 yards of a trophy class bull.

10 October

2008 Elk Bowhunt

The Colorado 2008 Posse

Our decision to not hunt Idaho for Elk this year was spurred by a friend of a friend who had reported a great number of Elk sighting in the area the year before.. Pete Sisson more on Pete later.

09 October


by Jim Taylor

The Colorado gang with Petes Elk. Pete brought down the first elk of the week with this nice bull on Wednesday morning. He was pumped, excited and proud of his first bull elk! Read his story by clicking here: Pete is a dedicated and serious bowhunter who is fun to be with and knows how to enjoy himself while working as hard as any hunter as I have ever met. Petes success is no accident, he spends the months leading up to the hunt preparing himself physically for the extreme challenges of the Colorado mountains and devours the latest elk hunting techniques and diligently applies them. (Left to Right: Jim, Tim, Wade, Mike and Pete)

Pete Elk

07 October

Greg Case of Dewitt Arkansas with a heavy horned Illinois whitetail and below with a young 8 point taken during one of our annual White River NWR bowhunts. Greg and I have been best friends and ardent bowhunters since we were in middle and high school. He's lucky enough to live in the heart of big buck country in the Arkansas Delta. Visitors to Greg's home just outside the fertile farming community of Dewitt will be greeted with a den of trophy mounts that serves as a testament to his success as a slayer of 130 and 140 class delta whitetails.

Greg is meticulous to a fault about his equipment, site selection, and hunting manner. I kid him by calling him "Monk" the fanatically neat tv character. His obsessive attention to detail is why he is able to put himself in killing distance of big timber White River whitetails. Greg's preparation and planning provides him the confidence needed at that critical moment of the shot.

Jim Taylor, Arkansas Bowhunter