11 January

Aldo Leopold

Many recognize Aldo Leopold as a great conservationist through his beautiful writings. Did you know he was also a bowhunter and bowyer? This is a portion of a letter  he wrote to Herbert Stoddard in 1934.

Dear Herbert:
“I am sending you by express a yew bow, which I have been making for you this winter. I have enjoyed it because it was a way to express my affection and regard for one of the few who understands what yew bows—and quail and mallards and wind and sunsets—are all about.”

“One cannot fashion a stave without indulging in fond hopes of its future.”. . . “On many a thirsty noon I hope you lean it against a mossy back by cool springs. In fall I hope its shafts will sing in sunny glades where turkeys dwell, and that one day some wily bucks will live just long enough to startle at the twang of its speeding string.” 

 Aldo Leopold-

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