22 May

Hunt out West? ...Your Public Lands Are in Jeapardy.

Hunt out West?

Hal Herring's latest article in Field & Stream exposes the truth behind a regurgitated effort by some members of congress  to "dispose of certain public lands".

I hunt out West and with few exceptions  always on public federal lands.  Transfer of national forests, or BLM lands to states and ultimately privatization would be catastrophic for public land hunters.

For the misguided  who argue that transferring to states would keep it public. Know this. States have neither the money nor immunity from the torrid of profiteers lying in wait  once this land is removed from federal  protection.  Want proof?

Hal notes: "Western states have been selling their lands since they were awarded them at statehood.

New Mexico has sold off 4 million of its original 13 million acres.

 Nevada, awarded 2.7 million acres at statehood, has 3000 acres left.

 Montana has sold 800,000 acres of state lands so far. Idaho has sold 1.2 million acres.

Colorado has sold 1.7 million acres.

Arizona has sold off 1.7 million acres. "

Not very reassuring.

"• In Colorado, 82% of existing STATE lands are completely off limits to hunting, fishing and camping. "

"• In Idaho, recreation is allowed, with a permit, as long as it does not interfere with revenue generating activities.

• In New Mexico, camping on state lands is allowed only with written permission from whoever is leasing them.

• Firewood cutting is prohibited in state lands in New Mexico and Montana.

• Access to state lands in Montana, Arizona and New Mexico requires the purchase of a permit.

• Montana requires a special-use permit for trapping, or to camp for more than two nights. "


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