15 August

Caribou Hunt Preparations

Article by Jim Taylor

Thursday night
Last Packing Attempt Thursday August 15 11:23pm 2002

I packed three pieces of luggage for trip my to Artillery Lake in the Canadian North West Territories. The bush pilots had limited us to 70lbs of luggage plus a small carry on. We had to pack light and securely as I would be in and out of four aircraft as well as going through customs before arriving at our hunting location. Entries into my written journal show multiple attempts to reduce my total luggage weight and optimize my space inside two duffles and the available room in my bowcase. My first packing attempt on August 11, 2002 show that I had a total luggage weight of 73lbs. I ended up with the following:

Total weight of checked luggage:

Bow Case Contents:
Bow: Pearson Diamondback 29" at 63lb
Alpine quick-loc quiver
12 Epsilon Carbon Arrows
8 Inner Lock Broadheads (disassembled and packaged for the long flight)
Scott Release
2 piece spinning rod & real with tackle
Zip log bag of archery repair components- Nocking pliers, cable slides, noc sets, super glue, peep serving tool.
Gibbs Style Bow Sling
Lacrosse Lagrange Rubber boots
Duct Tape-For wrapping up bow case on return trip

Total weight of Bow Case loaded. 208 scales-184(my weight)=24lbs

Big Duffle Contents:
Rain Wear Suit by Nat Gear
Wind Breaker
Turtle Neck
Camo Clothing 3-sets
Camo Under Shirts-3-sets
One Polo- Fall Foliage
Sock Regular-4
Socks- Over the Calf with Velco top wrap- 1
Cold Weather Jacket- Nat Gear

Hunting Pack
Binoculars- old 10X50
Bushnell Range Finder
Arm Guard
Garmin GPS

Weight: 212 scales-184(my weight)= 28lbs

Duffle-Camp Bag
Shaving kit and necessities
Long johns
Camera Tripod-5lbs
Nikon 2020
Fishing Fanny Pack
Sleeping Bag
Hiking Boots

204 0 scales-184(my weight)= 20lbs

Bow Case:

Carry On Camera Bag (not weighed)
Sony Video Camera
Extra Video Tapes
Extra Battery

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